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Hi I'm nydine Posted by javid on December 25, 2009 at 10:35 PM


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Let me introduce myself a little bit, about me..., so at least you know...the good and the bad thing.., my inner, or my motivation... I have a sensible and realistic outlook on life and my two feet are always planted firmly on the ground (though I may,on occasion, have my head in the clouds). Others often see me as a rock of strength, solid, reliable, dependable, and constant. I am.., in fact, amazingly consistent for me, possess great powers of endurance and do not like to make changes or adjustments in my regular routine. I do things deliberately and methodically and do not easily accommodate the unexpected. Though I have a gentle, even soft, appearance, I am also enormously strong-willed and stubborn. I go at my own pace and refuse to be rushed or pushed into anything before I feel sure about it. I can be coaxed and persuaded by charm, beauty, love, or affection - but never forced. I won't fight either, but simply stubbornly resist any attempt to coerce I to do something I do not want to do. Proud and intensely individual,..that's me. I really want to stand out, to be the very best I can be, and to be recognized and appreciated for my unique contributions. Doing something well and being respected for it is extremely important to me, and I cannot tolerate being in the background, taking orders from others, or being "just one of the team". I must put my personal stamp on whatever I do, and direct my own course in life. I need to have a place where I can shine, express myself creatively, and be the one in charge. I clearly see myself as the center of my own life. I radiate a natural joy and goodness to life. I have a strong inner dignity and sense of self-respect. I must have some self-expression in life and I will look at any activity as a chance to create. Although I am somewhat theatrical and flamboyant, I inspire others who often get some vicarious enjoyment through watching me. Pay more attention to detail and show more concern for other people's needs and my life automatically becomes more fulfilling. My mind is authoritative, self-sufficient, dramatic and comprehensive. I don't just passively collect knowledge, I create knowledge when I study. I relate everything back to me. When I speak, I don't just say something, I state it. A certain dignity is always hanging in the air. Although I follow a chain of thought, I have a tendency to build to a climax in very broad terms. I improve my standing in my world when I learn respect for other people's point of view and increase my own grasp of detail. When I need to adjust and adapt to life's demands, generally I don't. I carry the standard off the battle field rather than surrender or even adjust. When I am too inflexible, I am prone to being either humiliated or ridiculed. Yes, I love to travel, hanging out in the lounge, listening to music, watching big screen movies in the cinema, jet skiing kayaking, fishing, boating more


Specific details

Age 26-35
Ethnicity Mixed Race
Rates $150 in call $200 out call
Body Type Thin
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Changes
Height 5’11”
Areas Covered Yes
Availability 24/7 anytime
Incalls/Outcalls Incalls And Outcalls
Escort Couples? No
Escort Females? No
Escort Males? Yes
Own transport? Yes
Specialities My sweet personality and charms


Florida, United States
south tampa, 33611